MCLIMaricopa Center for Learning and Instruction
MCLIMeiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
MCLIMaputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (infrastructure investing; Mozambique)
MCLIMicrowave Communications Laboratories Inc.
MCLIMarital Comparison Level Index
MCLIMulticultural Leadership Institute
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Effects of NCLI and MCLI on the relative length, weights of intestine and morphology (^m) of intestinal mucosa in broilers
The effects of dietary NCLI and MCLI on the relative length and weight of small intestine in broilers are shown in Table 3.
During the overall experimental period the villus height in the jejunal mucosa in the MCLI group were higher (p<0.
The present study showed change in the relative weight of the jejunum in birds fed with NCLI or MCLI supplemented diet (p<0.
Effects of NCLI (2%) and MCLI (2%) on the activities of digestive enzymes of the intestinal contents in broilers (U/g)
As shown in Table 5, NCLI and MCLI had an effect on digestive enzyme activities of duodenum content.
In the present experiment, supplementation with NCLI and MCLI could significant improved the activities of the digestive enzymes in the small intestinal contents (p<0.
The supplementation of NCLI and MCLI into the diets of broiler chicks can exert beneficial effect in the gut morphology, gut development and gut digestive enzyme activity.
3) MCLI drafted a bill that became California Assembly Concurrent Resolution 129 (ACR 129), which asks the State Attorney General to:
The MCLI began by collecting information on pending human rights litigation in the United States.