MCLIMaricopa Center for Learning and Instruction
MCLIMeiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute
MCLIMaputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (infrastructure investing; Mozambique)
MCLIMicrowave Communications Laboratories Inc.
MCLIMarital Comparison Level Index
MCLIMulticultural Leadership Institute
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He then resumed his rail journey until he reached Avondale, where he met with a party of railway officials that included general manager Herbert Russell, an old MCLI friend.
Effects of NCLI (2%) and MCLI (2%) on the growth performance of broilers
In the present study, the results presented in Table 2 show that adding NCLI and MCLI to the diets of broilers fro m 1 to 42 d of age produced no significant differences in terms of BWG, F/G.
Effects of NCLI and MCLI on the relative length, weights of intestine and morphology (^m) of intestinal mucosa in broilers
The effects of dietary NCLI and MCLI on the relative length and weight of small intestine in broilers are shown in Table 3.
MCLI has taken several steps that WILPF members can participate in:
You can see and order the poster on the MCLI website (
WILPF members, issue committees, and branches can send us the facts on violations of civil and political rights by July, 2012; they may send reports of racial discrimination, the treatment of prisoners, noncitizens, and the poor by October, 2012 for inclusion in the MCLI reports.
3) MCLI drafted a bill that became California Assembly Concurrent Resolution 129 (ACR 129), which asks the State Attorney General to:
"Now," says Brenda Home, CEO of the South Africa-based Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI), "it is up to private business to ensure full optimisation of the Maputo Development Corridor."
The Maputo Corridor Logistics Initiative (MCLI) is the main engine promoting the Maputo Corridor as a "first choice" transportation route.
"We're a private sector programme," says Brenda Home, MCLI's chief executive, "established in the true spirit of public-private partnership.