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Experimental analyses had been carried out at a designed MCLM with proposal 3 under actual testing conditions.
19 reveals an image of the prototype of the designed MCLM. A signal generator provides ten groups sinusoidal AC voltage with amplitude of 5 V and frequency from 1 Hz to 320 Hz to the coils of TCB, respectively.
According to the tra[]g characteristics of sinusoidal signal based on the output shaft of the designed MCLM, a curve of the experimental magnitude-frequency characteristics of the designed MCLM is presented Fig.
As evident in figure, the experimental response time of the designed MCLM is close to 4ms.
Experimental procedures show promising results that the designed MCLM displays high frequency and rapid response, and the designed control technology can realize high performance.
A three-dimension aerodynamics analysis and experimental investigation of the designed MCLM provided with different TCBs based on dynamic meshes technique using CFD software are proposed in this study.
The air damping loaded to moving TCB subas-sembly is nearly proportional to the square of the speed, which is provided with a significant influence on the kinematics characteristics of the MCLM working at conditions of high-frequency and high-speed.
The simulation response time and frequency of the designed MCLM with proposal 3 arrives at 2.3ms,
Simulation results show that the dynamic performance index of the designed MCLM with proposal 3 is better than those with proposal 1 and proposal 2.
As evident in this study, analysis and experimental results show that the air damping can be decreased by the structural optimization of the MCLM at the high speed working conditions, and the designed MCLM with proposal 3 can realize good performance of high frequency and rapid response.