MCLPMaximal Covering Location Problem (resource limitations)
MCLPMassachusetts Certified Landscape Professional
MCLPMiguel Contreras Labor Program (University of California)
MCLPMaricopa County Libertarian Party
MCLPMesocorticolimbic Dopamine Pathway
MCLPMichigan Clinical Law Program
MCLPMobile Computing Lending Program
MCLPManchego Cheese-Like Product
MCLPMine Craft Let's Play (gaming)
MCLPModel ChemLab Pro
MCLPMeta-Compiler for Lambda Prolog
MCLPModern Chemical Laboratory Practice
MCLPMiddlebury College License Program
MCLPMcHenry County Libertarian Party (Illinois)
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Francisco Pobe, regional election director of Commission on Elections (COMELEC 13) and ACE president, said their organization has provided backpacks, slippers, notebooks, pens and towels to the 42 beneficiaries of the MCLP. "ACE also gave P25,000 cash assistance for the meals expenses of the beneficiaries for their one-month training," he said.
Firstly, a maximal flow-covering (MFC) model, that is, a modification of classic MCLP, is proposed to maximize BEV flow coverage by locating a fixed number of charging facilities in the bilevel, equilibrium-optimization framework.
In this paper, with travel time used as a proxy to the response time, we consider the application of the Monte Carlo approach to incorporating travel times uncertainty in the Maximum Covering Location Problem (MCLP), Queuing Maximum Availability Location Problem (Q-MALP), and Multiserver Queuing Maximum Availability Location Problem (MQ-MALP) models All three models are applied to the 33-node problem representing Austin, Texas, and the 55-node problem.
Next, a brief review of the MCLP, MALP, and the MQ-MALP models is provided.
By adopting one of the objectives from the traditional location-allocation problems (e.g., p-median, MCLP, minimax), step 1 seeks to site facilities to improve proximity for as many residents as possible and addresses the issue of efficiency.
In this paper, we prove, by reduction from vertex cover in 3-regular connected graphs, that MCLP is APX-hard for graphs that are monochromatic-diamond-free.
This total purchase price of USD44.9m consist of cash consideration of USD5.0m, a promissory note from Erick's Holdings in favor of MCLP in the amount of USD8.0m as well as the assumption and elimination of USD31.9m of certain liabilities of MCLP and its subsidiaries and affiliates.
The minimum cost localization problem (MCLP) is first introduced for 2D wireless sensor networks by [18].
Examples of location models are the P-Median Problem (PMP), P-Center Problem (PCP), Location Set Covering Problem (LSCP), and Maximal Covering Location Problem (MCLP).