MCLSMucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome
MCLSMonroe County Library System (New York and Michigan)
MCLSMetropolitan Cooperative Library System (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
MCLSMassachusetts Correctional Legal Services, Inc.
MCLSMalaria Commodities Logistics System (Nigeria)
MCLSMobilization Cross-Leveling System
MCLSMiddlesex County Legal Services (New Brunswick, NJ)
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Table 9 shows the localization processing time of different Monte Carlo-based localization methods, including MCL [4], MCLS [5], GPLA [6], and our proposed least square-based self-adaptive method, where the number of nodes k takes the value of 25, the number of anchor nodes m takes value of 4, and the number of sample points M takes value of 10, 20, 30,200, and 1000, respectively.
The library event came about after a local pediatrician, whose son had been touched by bullying, noticed in November 2011 that the theme for National Library Week in 2012 would be "You belong @ your library" and approached Flieri with the idea, knowing that MCLS presents parenting workshops throughout the year.
MCLS personnel travel to small group discussions throughout the region to engage with community needs.
The lessons learned at Cornell echo those learned at MCLS and the Santa Monica Public Library.
PROPOSED MCLS IN THE D-DBP RULE Compound MCL/MRDL ([[micro]gram]/L) Total trihalomethanes 80.
MCLS has a programme that now includes 11 languages - Arabic, Chinese Mandarin, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Swedish, and is open to enrolments now.
By June (as the Cleveland Public Library and CLEVNET consortium kicked off its own 24/7 web reference service) the MCLS 24/7 Reference Project officially began operating 24/7, and its products and services were demonstrated at the ALA Annual Conference.
Each member library is independently financed and governed, and receives services through MCLS that are provided by the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County.
Deirdre Pierry, MCLS, MT(ASCP), SM(NRM), MB; Gerald Weiss, MD; Benjamin Lack, BA; Victor Chen; Judy Fusco, MPA, MT(ASCP)
Members of the team were Sharon Orienter, head of the MCLS Graphics and Duplicating Department; Teresa Bennett, a librarian who shared her time between the MCLS administrative office (where she was in frequent contact with the directors of the system's libraries) and the library director's office; and Deborah Leary, who represented the Community Library administrative office (where she interacted with the city branch libraries).
MEC worked with the MCLS and the Open College Network to develop the new Level 2 Beekeeping qualification which covers the more theoretical aspects of the craft - with free training places for new beekeepers in Middlesbrough.