MCMAMass Communication and Media Arts (College of Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
MCMAMexico City Metropolitan Area
MCMAManitoba Country Music Association (Canada)
MCMAMurrumbidgee Catchment Management Authority (est. 2004; New South Wales, Australia)
MCMAModified Constant Modulus Algorithm
MCMAMono-Chorionic Mono-Amniotic (twins)
MCMAMarin County Motorcycle Association (Novato, CA)
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Stoffel said MCMA Interim Dean Deborah Tudor initially approached him about making the documentary.
Galle, 2009: Tula industrial complex (Mexico) emissions of SO, and NO, during the MCMA 2006 field campaign using a mobile miniDOAS system.
In Section 2, we review the blind equalization based on conventional CMA, CMA+SDD, and MCMA, respectively.
Recent housing studies in the MCMA have addressed four great issues: i) social division of the space; ii) urban land use; iii) housing production processes; and iv) housing policy.
4] Nonstandard abbreviations: DCDA, dichorionic diamniotic; SNP, single-nucleotide polymorphism; MCDA, monochorionic diamniotic; MCMA, monochorionic monoamniotic.
Both banks are confident that the MCMA will provide Islamic financial institutions with an efficient and cost effective tool to manage short and medium-term liquidity.
Mark Pritchard, vice president and the head of Islamic institutional coverage at NBAD's Financial Markets Division, said: "With global issuance of sukuk this year to be around $25 billion to $30 billion, the MCMA will be of significant benefit to the Islamic financial market participants who, up to now, haven't been able to fully maximise their holdings of sukuk whilst still maintaining ownership.
AaAa During the same meeting, the board opened Medi1Sat's capital to four new shareholders, namely insurance companies MAMDA and MCMA, the inter-professional retirement fund (CIMR) and the groupe des BanquesAa Populaires.
Bids are evaluated by MCMA and funding is allocated to bids that benefit bird habitat and offer best value for money, not necessarily the lowest bid.
The MCMA is one of the largest and most rapidly growing urban centers in the world, with an area of 3,773 square kilometers.