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MCMDMerosin-Deficient Congenital Muscular Dystrophy
MCMDMinor Cognitive Motor Disorder (HIV)
MCMDMotor Command
MCMDMulti-Casualty, Mass Decontamination (patient care)
MCMDMINDEF (Ministry of Defense) Centre for Management Development (Singapore)
MCMDMean Critical Monthly Dosage
MCMDManx Centre for Management Development (Isle of Man)
MCMDMission Critical Market Differentiating (business agility)
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It has been shown in recent years that a subset of MCMD patients will go on to develop HAD," Dr.
One of the major forms of the disease, MCMD is caused by mutations in a gene called LAMA2, which causes deficiencies in the protein merosin and leads to structural defects in the protein scaffold that is critical to muscle integrity.