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MCMDMerosin-Deficient Congenital Muscular Dystrophy
MCMDMinor Cognitive Motor Disorder (HIV)
MCMDMotor Command
MCMDMulti-Casualty, Mass Decontamination (patient care)
MCMDMean Critical Monthly Dosage
MCMDMINDEF (Ministry of Defense) Centre for Management Development (Singapore)
MCMDManx Centre for Management Development (Isle of Man)
MCMDMission Critical Market Differentiating (business agility)
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Shu'aiba supplies the GGS with 1 mcmd, plus most of the gas PDO re-injects into its oilfields.
Even Zhang and Wu [40] did the same work in a MCMD problem based on the interval-valued hesitant multiplicative preference relation.
In detail there are 41 M1068A3 MCmds, 19 M113A3 GPs, 31 M113A3 MEVs, 8 M577 MTVs vehicles and 15 M1064 MCVs.
The proposed 1,700-km (1,056-mile) Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India line (TAPI) will have a capacity to carry 90 million cubic metres a day (mcmd) gas for a 30-year period and will be operational in 2018, the government statement said.
The Iran-Pakistan (IP) gas pipeline will cost $1.2 to $1.5 billion and its gas export to Pakistan will be 21.5 million cubic meters daily (mcmd).
In general, the severity of dementia in the post-HAART era has diminished and a mild form of cognitive dysfunction, called Minor Cognitive Motor Disorder (MCMD), is now the most common form of cognitive dysfunction in HIV-infected patients (BANDARU et al., 2007).
In the recent development, state-owned energy companies from Pakistan and India have signed a 'Gas Sales and Purchase Agreement' with Turkmenistan's national oil company Turkmengaz on May 23, that will lead to the supply of up to 90 million cubic metres of natural gas a day (mcmd) via TAPI pipeline.
The license agreement ensures to the company the exclusivity of technology commercialization, composed of patents, a base of biological specimens and clinical data of patients registered in MCMD, trading secrets, know-how (Annual report 2012).
Production will start at 4-5 Million cubic meters per day and will gradually increase to reach 11-13 Mcmd during the month of November, during which time all 15 wells on the platform will be progressively reopened.
Schemes that take advantage of the temporal correlation between each frame of the sequence, such as Multiple State Video Coder (MSVC) [27] and the Motion-Compensated Multiple Description (MCMD) [28] video coding.