MCMI-IIIMillon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-III
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Specifically in relation to the MCMI-III, the instrument was administered to 1079 patients of clinics, psychologists, and psychiatrists, who completed a document evaluating several characteristics of patients' personality disorders.
Personalidad y sindromes clinicos: Un estudio con el MCMI-III basado en una muestra espanola [Personality and clinical syndromes: A study with the MCMI-III based on a Spanish sample].
Also, scores were observed that ranged between 60 and 75 on the MCMI-III as clinical detection indicators of possible characteristic personality profiles.
The MCMI-III includes information regarding the validity of the client's report and can supplement previously-gathered diagnostic information.
El MCMI-III considera que, para cada uno de los estilos, una puntuacion de tasa base (TB) entre 60 y 75 indica rasgos de personalidad, entre 75 y 85 la tendencia del sujeto al correspondiente estilo de personalidad, mientras que a partir de 85 indica trastorno de la personalidad.
There are two important considerations regarding the use of the MCMI-III for this study.
MCMI-III was designed to assess a wide range of both acute clinical disorders, such as major depression or anxiety disorder, and personality disorders, such as borderline and antisocial as described in DSM-IV.
The study also considered the incidence of psychiatric dual diagnosis as well as personality disorders/configurations as interpreted by the MCMI-III.