MCMLMedia Center Markup Language (Microsoft)
MCMLManitoba Crafts Museum and Library (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
MCMLMOS Current Mode Logic
MCMLMonte Carlo Maximum Likelihood
MCMLMulti Carrier Mauritius Ltd. (broadcasting services)
MCMLMissile Compartment Middle Level (compartment of a US Navy nuclear submarine)
MCMLMaster Consolidated Management List
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The Monte Carlo simulation was also compared to MCML for various sets of parameters, and completed the simulations with comparable speed and results.
The power dissipation of MCML cells is proportional to the product of their supply voltage and the biasing current, and thus it is independent of the operation frequency because of their constant biasing current.
In this paper, the analysis model for calculating minimum supply voltage of single-rail MCML (SRMCML) circuits is addressed, so that the minimum supply voltage of SRMCML circuits can be estimated according to the model parameters of MOS transistors.
In Section 2, the MCML circuits with dual-rail and single-rail structures are described, and the design methods of the basic single-rail MCML combinational logic cells are also presented.
These kinds of non-uniformity are caused by equal widths of all strips of the meander conductor according to widths of the conductors of the corresponding periodic MCML.
The technique used to investigate the influence of non-uniformity of the MCML parameters on responses of the MMDL is further described.
It is generally known that in a lossless MCML consisting of N conductors, N normal modes (or normal waves) can be propagated (Tripathi, Lee 1989).
Under non-modal (or multimodal) propagation, phase velocities in different conductors differ from each other in the MCML as a result of the superposition of the propagating modes.
Weathernews uses MCML, which is a Windows Vista technology, to generate the design frames for its weather contents.MCML is a descriptive, XML-based language that is able to create user interfaces with richly expressive visual and dynamic layouts
Then, these optical properties were used to perform the spectral angular transmittance simulation by MCML, and the results are shown in Figures 5, 6, and 7.
As a conclusion, Monte Carlo simulation (MCML) is an effective method for the determination of angle-dependent light transmittance of thermotropic material, and the results of these simulations can be used to calculate the solar heat gain for thermotropic windows.