MCMLMedia Center Markup Language (Microsoft)
MCMLManitoba Crafts Museum and Library (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
MCMLMOS Current Mode Logic
MCMLMonte Carlo Maximum Likelihood
MCMLMulti Carrier Mauritius Ltd. (broadcasting services)
MCMLMissile Compartment Middle Level (compartment of a US Navy nuclear submarine)
MCMLMaster Consolidated Management List
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The technique used to investigate the influence of non-uniformity of the MCML parameters on responses of the MMDL is further described.
r eff] is relative effective permittivity of the MCML, 2A and S are dimensions of the meander topology (Fig.
In general, N modes can propagate in the MCML which consists of N signal conductors [21].
Side conductors of the MCML should be wider than the inner ones in order to make its effective permittivity equal in all strips (i.
Under non-modal (or multimodal) propagation, phase velocities in different conductors differ from each other in the MCML as a result of the superposition of the propagating modes.
In case of the MCML operating in a normal mode, synthesis is an iterative process of finding topological dimensions of an MCML, which restricts propagation to a single normal mode in the line when specified modal voltages are applied.
This paper proposes a synthesis technique for the MCML operating in a normal mode.
The proposed synthesis algorithm for a symmetrically coupled MCML is based on the iteration of calculating modal voltages and changing microstrip conductor widths and spaces between them in order to find such structure of the MCML, for which the amplitudes of modal voltages are equal for every microstrip conductor.