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Phase distortion of the MMDL designed according to the even mode MCML model, is less than the phase distortion of the MMDL based on the multi-mode MCML (Fig.
The results of the simulation of the MMDLs based on the model of the MCML, operating in the even mode are shown in Tables V-VIII with characteristics marked the subscript (u), which corresponds to the uniform effective permittivity MMDL.
The influence of non-uniformity of the multiconductor microstrip line (MCML) parameters: characteristic impedance and effective permittivity on characteristics of the meander microstrip delay line (MMDL): delay time and bandwidth is studied in this paper.
The performed calculations showed that the MMDL based on the model of the uniform impedance MCML is better matched with the transmission path and has a wider bandwidth than the non-uniform impedance MMDL.
where [[C.sub.1]] is the matrix of the partial capacitances of the MCML; [C.sub.1.sup.(a)]is a similar matrix of the same MCML with free space in the place of dielectric substrate; [[epsilon]reff] is the vector of relative effective dielectric permittivity; [V] is the matrix consisting of modal voltage vectors.
The analysis of the MCML can be carried out using various methods, e.
The flowchart of the synthesis algorithm of the symmetrically coupled MCML operating in a normal mode is presented in Fig.
Checking if the number of the conductor is less than a half of the total number of the conductors of the MCML; in case it is true, Step 5 is processed, otherwise, go to Step 9.
The dependence of conductor width [W.sub.i], effective relative permittivity [epsilon]reff and characteristic impedance [Z.sub.i] on the constructive parameters of the MCML (S, h and [epsilon]r) was investigated.
The proposed technique was used for synthesizing a ten-conductor MCML operating in even and odd normal modes in order to investigate the dependence of MCML characteristics on its constructive parameters (S and [W.sub.i]).
In order to ensure even normal mode propagation in the MCML, the width of external conductors should be greater than that of the internal ones (Fig.
4 for the odd mode shows that the widths of external conductors have the major influence on the propagation of normal modes in the MCML, while the widths of internal conductors vary negligibly while changing S/h.