MCMRMusic Cities Mobile Recording (Shelbyville, TN)
MCMRMulti-Channel Multi-Radio
MCMRMaryland Central Model Railroad Club (Rockville, MD)
MCMRMinder Corvee Meer Resultaat (Dutch training firm)
MCMRMichigan Critical Materials Register
MCMRMine Counter Measures Report
MCMRMast Cell Mediator-Releasing (immunology)
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Not content to just throw any 11%inch barrel on their gun, BCM had a very unique set of specifications for the MCMR. The contour was designed to retain accuracy even when hot while also eliminating as much weight as possible.
Since the overall shape is already there, knocking off the high spots and cutting out the internals is about all that's necessary The upper receiver on the MCMR is an entirely new forging and funded by BCM.
As seen in the attached load table, BCM's MCMR pistol shot surprisingly well for such a short package.
The MCMR pistol has a ton of BCM accessories, including a polished-nickel-teflon (PNT) trigger assembly and BCM's Gunfighter charging handle.
We used the NS-2.33, equipped with agent NOAH [13] with extensions MCMR [14] and 802.11 g [15]; in addition, we added the following functionalities to the simulator.
Comparing MCMR with above two rules, we describe deviation degree and stability in Figures 3 and 4, respectively.
MCMR can reject abnormal data to improve stability.
The simulation result is like Figure 3, after simulating MCMR, MFR [9], AFR [10], and BPR [14] for 25 times under attack and no attack environment, respectively.
MCMR can filter out abnormal ones to reduce MMSE of mechanism.
The CA problem of minimzing the interference caused by frequency overlapping channels is the core problem of multicast routing implemented on MCMR WMNs.
Given a multicast tree T = (V, E) embedded in a MCMR WMN, as shown in the Fig.
Traditionally, there are two approaches for allocating channels to links of multicast trees embedded in MCMR WMNs.