MCMRMusic Cities Mobile Recording (Shelbyville, TN)
MCMRMulti-Channel Multi-Radio
MCMRMaryland Central Model Railroad Club (Rockville, MD)
MCMRMinder Corvee Meer Resultaat (Dutch training firm)
MCMRMichigan Critical Materials Register
MCMRMine Counter Measures Report
MCMRMast Cell Mediator-Releasing (immunology)
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By using the MCMR model, it is possible to simulate, for instance, the scenario of a link established through one or more communication channels.
33, equipped with agent NOAH [13] with extensions MCMR [14] and 802.
The CA problem of minimzing the interference caused by frequency overlapping channels is the core problem of multicast routing implemented on MCMR WMNs.
Given a multicast tree T = (V, E) embedded in a MCMR WMN, as shown in the Fig.
Traditionally, there are two approaches for allocating channels to links of multicast trees embedded in MCMR WMNs.