MCMVMouse Cytomegalovirus
MCMVMine Countermeasures Vessel
MCMVMaize Chlorotic Mottle Virus
MCMVMaize Chlorotic Mottle Machlomovirus (plant virus)
MCMVMine Countermeasures Vehicle
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Despite progress made in fighting the disease, there is a resurgence of MCMV in Uganda which could spread to Kenya.
Isso nos remete a discussao das escalas e da importancia da cooperacao entre entes federativos e tambem ilumina a importancia de programas, como o mcmv, estabelecer condicionantes para garantir adequada insercao urbana, ou seja, articular a logica do financiamento habitacional as estrategias de planejamento e desenvolvimento urbano.
In the scope of the housing funding system mentioned above, the federal government set up a program called Minha Casa Minha Vida (MCMV) in 2009.
TLR9-dependent recognition of MCMV by IPC and DC generates coordinated cytokine responses that activate antiviral NK cell function.
In this study, antiviral effect of black seed oil (BSO) from Nigella sativa was investigated using murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) as a model.
Only one Wozang-class MCMV is known to be in commission.
The role of TLR3 in antiviral immune response was demonstrated in TLR3-deficient mice, which are more susceptible to murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV), given lower expression of IFN (23).