MCNPMammoth Cave National Park (Kentucky)
MCNPMonte Carlo N-Particle
MCNPMassachusetts Coalition of Nurse Practitioners
MCNPMonte Carlo Neutron and Photon (transport code)
MCNPMonitoring Completed Navigation Projects
MCNPMt. Cook National Park (New Zealand)
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Improved radial dose function estimation using current version MCNP Monte-Carlo simulation: Model 6711 and ISC3500 [sup]125 I brachytherapy sources.
The simulations for the gammas were done with the MCNP program [12].
MCNP now has more than 17,000 members, and we've been exploring various ways to spread awareness about cloth diapers such as this event.
MCNP receives about 500,000 annual visitors (the counting procedure was changed in 2006).
Qi Ao, himself an expert in MCNP code modeling, emphasized that NSOL is also refining the code to enhance its photo-nuclear capabilities and would welcome the opportunity to work with CEA in that area.
Diana works at Shah Associates in California, Maryland and is currently Legislative Co-Chair for MCNP and Member at large on their Board of Directors.
El codigo de Monte Cario de N particulas, MCNP, es un software que utiliza el metodo Monte Cario para la simulacion de la interaccion de la radiacion con la materia.
La aplicacion de un metodo de reparticion exacto de los votos nominales habria acordado un escano adicional al Movimiento Union Banena asociado a Alianza Pais y al movimiento MCNP de Tungurahua.
The brightness of the moderator was estimated by MCNP modeling [5,6].
En la actualidad han surgido varios codigos de simulacion como que son utilizados en el campo de la fisica medica, reactores nucleares y detectores para particula de altas energia estos codigos son: MCNP, ETRAN, ITS, EGS4 y PENELOPE, este ultimo utilizado muy a menudo para el calculo dosimetrico.