MCNPXMonte Carlo N-Particle eXtended (general-purpose Monte Carlo radiation transport code)
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sup][25] The TPS in this study calculated the dose using point source simulations, which in fact agreed to be within about 2% with the full geometric simulations at all distances between 1 cm and 10 cm;[sup][26] thus, within this practical range, TPS agrees very well with the TLD measurements and MCNPX.
To obtain the most accurate data, a full seed simulation was performed by MCNPX, though a point source simulation is a fast and efficient way to check a full seed simulation.
1]) Source Point source Point MCNPX MCNPX Smith et method (1 source method method al (9) keV) method (LNHB) (NBL) (40 keV) [.
For comparison purposes these values are listed together with the corresponding calculated values using the point source approximation (with a cut-off energy of 40 keV) and MCNPX method (using the LNHB decay library).