MCNSMultimedia Cable Network System
MCNSMultichannel Cable Network System
MCNSMedia Centre for National Security (Sri Lanka)
MCNSMinimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome (kidney disorder)
MCNSManaging Cisco Network Security
MCNSMultimedia Cable Network Systems
MCNSMinisterial Committee for National Security (Iraq)
MCNSMarist College North Shore
MCNSMultichannel Cable Network System (SCTE)
MCNSMultiple Cable Network Systems (IEEE 802.14)
MCNSMissed Call Notification Service (telecommunications)
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Los ejemplares originales se depositaron en los herbarios CTES y MCNS.
It has been suggested that FSGS is actually a progressed form of MCNS, as childhood MCNS may become FSGS.
Of 19 biopsies with Clq nephropathy, 17 were determined to be FSGS and two were MCNS.
Classic MCNS typically presents between the ages of 2 - 6 years, with a slight male predominance.
Children who in addition to the classic features of MCNS also have macroscopic haematuria and hypertension (nephriticnephrotic picture)
Most children with MCNS respond to corticosteroid treatment.
Competence of MCNS staff was assessed by professionals qualified in blood administration from the cancer centre.
This study included adult patients, resident in Belfast Trust area, who had received a domiciliary blood transfusion through the MCNS.
After expressing the view of the government AL Jazeera Television stated that they cannot confirm the authenticity of these visuals and they cannot take the responsibility to vouch that the visuals and pictures are true" MCNS further said on Thursday in its release to public.
MCNS noted that each time countering the false allegations the government had proved the soldiers of the Sri Lankan Security Forces are well disciplined.
San Martin, Campo Blanco, sobre Ruta Nacional N[grados] 34, 22[grados] 09' 12,8"S 63[grados] 42' 43,9"W, 21-IX-2004, Zapater & Califano 2448 (holotipo CTES; isotipos MCNS, SP).
21-II-1925, Schreiter 3593 (LIL); entre Yariguarenda y Piquirenda, a 14,2 km al N de Tartagal, a la derecha de Ruta Nacional N[grados] 34, 22[grados] 23' 27,7"S 63[grados] 46' 27,9"W, 21-IX-2004, Zapater & Califano 2444 (CTES, MCNS); 3 km al N de la entrada de Campo Duran, sobre Ruta 34 a mano izquierda, 21-IX-2004, Zapater & Califano 2448 (MCNS); Campo Blanco, 3 km al N de la entrada a Campo Duran, a la izquierda de Ruta Nacional 34, 20-X-2004, Zapater & Califano 2466 (CTES, MCNS, SP); Ibid.