MCOHMassachusetts Coalition for Oral Health
MCOHMedical Center Occupational Health
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Effect of 25 % McOH fraction of Amanatsu' root extracts (ARE) from plants grown under several stress conditions on in vitro hyphal growth of HMF (Gigaspora margarita) Treatment Hyphal length (mm) Agar only 36.5 a (no ARE applied) Control plants 50.3 b (non stressed) Plants under salinity 39.8 a (600 mM NaCl) Plants under aluminum 82.4 c [5mM [Al.sub.2][(S[O.sub.4]).sub.3]] Plants under water stress 84.3 c (18 days without irrigation) Table 2.
Rodhe, "Chemical composition of rainwater at Maldives Climate Observatory at Hanimaadhoo (MCOH)," Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, vol.
246[degrees]C, [[[alpha]].sup.23.sub.D] + 198.1[degrees] (c = 0.75, McOH) ([lit..sup.10] [[[alpha]].sup.23.sub.D] + 203.03[degrees]c = 0.66 EtOH), m/z 222 (100 %), [v.sub.max] (KBr) 3200, 2950, 1695, 1650, 1590 [cm.sup.-1].
La comparacion entre las estimaciones por minimos cuadrados ordinarios (MCO) y las estimaciones que incorporan la correccion por selectividad (MCOH) muestra que los coeficientes de todas las variables conservan el signo y no cambian significativamente.
Se le practico una separacion inicial utilizando HPLC (C-18, 250 mm x 22 mm) con una fase movil McOH:[H.sub.2]O 6:4 y un flujo de 4.0 mL/min para dar el compuesto principal puro 5 (312 mg, [t.sub.r]: 22 min) y un compuesto impuro ([t.sub.r]: 24 min) que fue purificado realizando una acetilacion exhaustiva y una TLC (gel de dice, 6:4 hexano:EE x4) para dar 6 (13 mg, [R.sub.f]: 0.34).
The gradient started with 100% A (acetate buffer, pH 4.2, 20 mL McOH), which was decreased to 92% over 3 min and then to 88% over the next 2 min at a flow rate of 0.9 mL/min.
The solutions were poured into SPE tubes prewashed with 3 mL each of McOH:TEA (100:0.1), C[H.sub.2][Cl.sub.2]:TEA (100:0.1), and isooctane: C[H.sub.2][Cl.sub.2]:TEA (50:50: 0.1).
To Apply For Inclusion On The Short-List For The Above Project The Applicant Must: - Complete Does-Qw1 Suitability Assessment Questionnaire Restricted 2013, Revision March 2014; - Include All Required Information As Set Out In Does-Qw1 Suitability Assessment Questionnaire Restricted 2013, Revision March 2014; - Submit One Hardcopy Of The Completed Documents To The Offices Of Mcoh Architects By 12:00 On 18Th March 2016.