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If you have experienced problems with your builder, it is worth considering complaining to MCOL.
In regards to the start of operations at MCOL, Mazda's Executive Officer and General Manager of Global Sales and Marketing, Yasuhiro Aoyama said, "We have steadily developed our business in Colombia over the 31 years since local assembly began in 1983.
En 1991 las MCOL eran de 430 millones de dolares, pero en 1998 se ubicaron en 1146 millones de dolares, para una tasa media de crecimiento anual del 15,0 %.
Efeito do BAP e ANA e atividade da peroxidade em mandioca (Manihot esculenta crantz cv mcol 22) cultivada in vitro.
The MCOL said its website has slowed considerably due to the quantity of people using it to sue for the return of overdraft charges and is advising callers to visit the site outside of office hours.
In many instances, the molding of a part requires the screw to follow a multiple setpoint velocity profile and therefore, it is reasonable to conduct MCOL tests to formulate more than one dynamic matrix A.
In all trials, Colombian cultivars MCol 113 from Valle, MCol 22 from Magdalena, and Llanara from Meta were used as controls.
The study by MCOL, a health-care information technology company, found that while some specific markets will be affected by the withdrawals, most regional markets will not be materially affected.
The best way is via Money Claims OnLine (MCOL), the Government's online court.
flabellifolia, silvestre reportado y evaluado como resistente al AVY) y MCol 2215 (variedad venezolana con gran susceptibilidad a la misma plaga).
You can submit your claim through Money Claims OnLine (MCOL), Government's online court.
socialis para desarrollar poblaciones en nuevos materiales de yuca, se estimaron los parametros biologicos y los principales estadisticos vitales de este insecto plaga, realizando bioensayos bajo condiciones controladas (25 [+ o -] 2[grados] C, 70 [+ o -] 5% HR, 12L:12D) sobre las variedades Chirosa (MCOL 2066), Ica Armenia (HMC1) y CMC 40.