MCOOModified Combined Obstacle Overlay
MCOOMobility and Combined Obstacles Overlay
MCOOMulti Combined Obstacle Overlay
MCOOMetroplex Cancer Outreach Organization (Texas)
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MCOO, in a primer, said that with Ormeco under CDA, member-consumers would have a share in the capital and its interest; would be exempted from taxes, which would lower the price of electricity; and would allow greater transparency on the coop's operations.
Previous predictions are confirmed or denied, and an updated MCOO and predictive analysis are provided to commanders.
1: Modified combined obstacle overlays (MCOOs) are inadequate.
This information allows us to quickly develop our initial modified combined-obstacle overlay (MCOO) and enables the maneuver commander to select the mobility course of action.
During Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield (IPB) planners systematically scrutinize an area of operation and build a modified combined obstacle overlay (MCOO).
Analogous to the modified combined obstacle overlay (MCOO) produced by the intelligence staff to portray the battlespace's effects on military operations, the CIO is a graphic product that depicts the information environment's effects.
A standard modified combined obstacles overlay (MCOO) developed from a military map and done in accordance with the current FM 34-130 will not be of much use to leaders at the company level and below.
* Review and update the * Prepare enemy engineer modified combined obstacle portion of the mission- overlay (MCOO).
Depending on the current baffle (the offense, defense, search or attack, and the wishes of the commander), bringing a modified combined obstacle overlay (MCOO), infiltration routes overlay, or a lines-of-drift and lines-of-communication overlay, as well as other products may be useful.
An S2 will never paint a good picture of a future battle with a narrative, an MCOO, and a busy, dusty (or muddy) acetate situation template.
For example, the S2 does not show soil composition on the initial modified combined obstacle overlay (MCOO), but he may need to provide it to improve the evaluation of certain areas for minefields and obstacles.