MCOSManaged Care Organization (health)
MCOSMulticultural Council of Saskatchewan (also seen as MCS; Canada)
MCOSMinimum Conditions of Satisfaction (contracting)
MCOSMercury Computer Operating System
MCOSmixed coronary obstructive syndrome
MCOSMulti-Channel Objective System
MCOSModern Church of Satan
MCOSMaterial Cost of System
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Nurses have taken the lead in health education and health promotion for patients; however, these areas are poorly funded or reimbursed by MCOs. (10) Nursing schools must prepare students for all levels of roles in the managed care environment, from case managers to advance nurse practitioners hoping to receive reimbursements for their services.
Health care providers have also complained about slow payments from the MCOs as well as high rates of claim denials.
Home care solution company Sandata Technologies, LLC disclosed on Friday the launch of its strategic partnership with Axene Health Partners LLC to help and optimise managed care organisations (MCOs) with the delivery of care in the post-acute market.
If you have any questions regarding the MCOs, please use the contact information listed below.
Individual MCOs determine their policy for NP contracting depending on the market's demand for providers, which is highly variable (Hansen-Turton, Ritter, Begun et al., 2006).
* MCOs in other states have been plagued by accusations of fraud and mismanagement.
The committee also recommended that the parliamentarians should be allowed to utilize their MCOs till June 30, 2015.
NEW YORK -- An article published in the November issue of the journal Managed Care provides a strong dose of support for homeopathic remedies, and even makes the case for managed care organizations (MCOs) and pharmacy benefit managers to consider the inclusion of homeopathic medicines in their formularies.
By the ACA's design, almost all of these new Medicaid enrollees are receiving their coverage through health plans run not by the state but rather by private-sector managed care organizations (MCOs).