MCOVMaximum Continuous Operating Voltage
MCOVMobile Communications Office Vehicle (US FEMA)
MCOVMaximum Continuous Overvoltage
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Although the ORF7a protein was found in the MCoVs WD 1127 (GenBank accession no.
Phylogenetic trees based on the complete genome demonstrated that FRCoV4370 is closer to MCoVs than to other CoVs, although it clearly separated into a distinct cluster (Figure, panel A).
ORF3c was identified in FRCoV4370, as observed in MCoVs. This protein is an accessory triple-spanning membrane protein and is analogous to SARS-CoV 3 a protein (10).
Products using "series mode" filter designs exhibit much better suppression, higher, safer MCOV ratings and exceptional endurance.
Tenders are invited for 336 qty of heavy duty distribution class surge arrester metal oxide varistor (mov) rated voltage = 12kv mcov = 10.
Tenders are invited for qty 6 ea - station class surge arrester, 209kv mcov rating, 1050 bil polymeric composite housing, upright mount, ansi #70 color, nema four hole pad top with corona ring.
minimum mcov rating of 2.55kv arrester is to be designed for mounting on a 3-bolt 10" circle mounting.