MCPAPMassachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project (mental health consortium; Boston, MA)
MCPAPMinnesota Contractors Premium Adjustment Program
MCPAPManaged Care Patient Assistance Program (North Carolina)
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Byatt, who is the medical director for MCPAP for Moms, a rollout of the new project should take place in the spring.
Barry Sarvet, medical director of the Baystate Medical Center MCPAP site in Springfield as well as the lead author of the study, the program divided the state of Massachusetts into six regions.
Many of these initial phone calls led to an outpatient consultation for the patient with the MCPAP team's psychiatrist or an advanced practice registered nurse (combined, 28%) or psychotherapist (15%).
The MCPAP teams also logged 702 "educational encounters" during the study period, including discussions on child psychiatry with PCCs either at their practices or over the phone, and conducted several day-long and haft-day conferences on pediatric mental health topics.
The Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project (MCPAP) is just several years old, consisting of six regional hubs across the Commonwealth, Dr.
MCPAP is currently covering 757,000 children, or 51% of the children and adolescents in the state, Dr.
Solicitation: Manufacture and delivery of many-channel programmable acoustic processor stimulator (mcpaps) radio subsystem (mcprs) units