MCPASMaster Control Program Advanced System
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Selection of sites will be informed by the objectives established for the network of MCPAs (item 2-ii below).
Consecutive data collection on uses and the socioeconomic value of these areas which will be considered as tentative MCPAs
Assess the feasibility of establishing additional MPA as separate MPAs or as add-ons to the existing coastal PAs, supporting the establishment of a network of MCPAs for Albania.
In deciding the architecture for the transmit chain, the base station designer has two choices: a single-carrier power amplifier (SCPA) or a multicarrier power amplifier (MCPA).
Though expansion of capacity could be performed using SCPAs, economics will eventually push service providers toward MCPA solutions.(1)
Such power levels place constraints on the choice of technology used to create an MCPA. Table 2 lists some of the trade-offs that exist among various power transistor technologies.
The development objective of the Marine Protected Areas (PAs) Project for Brazil is: (a) to support the expansion of globally significant, representative, and effective marine and coastal PA (MCPA) system in Brazil, and (b) to identify mechanisms for its financial sustainability.