MCPEMinecraft Pocket Edition (gaming)
MCPEMotion Compensated Prediction Error
MCPEMandatory Continuing Professional Education (various organizations)
MCPEMerchant Card Payment Engine (software)
MCPEModular Collective Protection Equipment
MCPEMinnesota Commercial Property Exchange
MCPEMarket Clearing Price of Energy (Texas electrical power pricing)
MCPEMotion-Compensated Prediction Error
MCPEMultipath Channel Parameter Estimation
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Thus, in the Figure 4 are shown the cyclic voltammograms recorded during oxidation of propyl gallate (PG) employing the optimized paste composition in the presence (MCPE) and absence of modifier (CPE).
The study of the scan rate (o) for the electrochemical oxidation of the PG (5.00 x [10.sup.-5] mol [L.sup.-1]) on the MCPE surface using phosphate buffer 0.04 mol [L.sup.-1] at pH 7.0 provides information about the voltammetric behavior of this process.
Once the carbon paste composition was optimized, the analytical performance of the MCPE was tested comparing the voltammetric behavior obtained from different electrodes in the absence and presence of PG (5.00 x [10.sup.-5] mol [L.sup.-1]).
The MCPE includes the following stages and frameworks:
The MCPE starts with the objectives of the writing activity, followed by the description of the specific competence the student will develop through it and the writing prompt or case.
Matriz Cuantitiva de la Planeacion Estrategica (MCPE)
La ventaja mas importante es que la MCPE puede adaptarse perfectamente a los problemas de cualquier tipo de organizacion, ya sea publica o privada, o pequena, mediana o grande.
(8.) The MCPE is calculated by the following formula: 1/T [summation over (T/t=1)][][e.sub.jt].
LLDPE produced by the latter technique is generally known as a metallocene polyethylene (MCPE).
In our earlier publication [22], we reported the thermal and mechanical behaviors of the blends of MCPE with conventional polyolefins such as HDPE, PP, CoPP, and Ter-PP.
Some of the succession announcements occur close to the bankruptcy announcements so we show MCPE results for only very short intervals around succession.(3) Otherwise, the succession results would be contaminated by the large negative abnormal returns associated with the bankruptcies.
For the succession events occurring after bankruptcy, the MCPE for the interval -5 to 0 is 0.036 (Z = 8.24) and is 0.011 (Z = 2.02) for the interval -1 to 0.