MCPEMinecraft Pocket Edition (gaming)
MCPEMotion Compensated Prediction Error
MCPEMandatory Continuing Professional Education (various organizations)
MCPEMerchant Card Payment Engine (software)
MCPEModular Collective Protection Equipment
MCPEMinnesota Commercial Property Exchange
MCPEMotion-Compensated Prediction Error
MCPEMarket Clearing Price of Energy (Texas electrical power pricing)
MCPEMultipath Channel Parameter Estimation
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Ag/AgCl (on the MCPE surface, Figure 4 voltammograms d).
Once the carbon paste composition was optimized, the analytical performance of the MCPE was tested comparing the voltammetric behavior obtained from different electrodes in the absence and presence of PG (5.
The pH of the electrolyte solution is very critical to the characteristics of PG and also to the MCPE consistence.
The assessment and evaluation form includes the criteria established according to the MCPE and a set of competence descriptors to measure students' written communicative competence.
In this section, we present a sample of the pre-treatment test, based on the MCPE, implemented with students involved in this research process (Chart 3).
MCPE based on 1-octene comonomer (grade name of Engage 8200) is the product of DuPont Dow Elastomers, USA.
MCPE with each of HDPE, PP, CoPP, and TerPP were melt blended in the ratios, 95/5, 90/10, 80/20, 60/40, 50/50, 40/60, 20/80, 10/90, and 5/95.
Pure MCPE was cooled to 0[degrees]C, but the other parameters were identical.
For the succession events occurring after bankruptcy, the MCPE for the interval -5 to 0 is 0.
For the successions before bankruptcy, the MCPE is 0.