MCPJMetacarpophalangeal Joint
MCPJMississauga Coalition for Peace and Justice (Canada)
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In a completely relaxed or anesthetized hand, the forearm is placed in wrist supination and extension, allowing gravity to extend the wrist and placing the thumb MCPJ at 30[degrees] flexion, the index finger MCPJ at 40[degrees], and the small finger MCPJ at 70[degrees].
In our study, PIPJ involvement differed between the two hands, but MCPJ involvement was the same.
There have been reports that interosseous muscle atrophy results from the pain caused by MCPJ involvement, reflex inhibition after the pain, and non-use of the hand.
To evaluate the hand and wrist involvement of the patients, the ROM of the wrist, MCPJs, and PIPJs was measured via goniometry.
A Stener's lesion (a clinically palpable area near the MCPJ caused by interposition of the adductor aponeurosis between the ends of the torn ligament) was present in 15 of 17 cases (87%).
17-18] The radiologic technologist should query the ordering physician if no stress radiograph is ordered and the patient complains of pain over the first MCPJ and has a compatible history.