MCPMMaster of Construction Project Management (degree)
MCPMMasters Certificate in Project Management
MCPMMarket-Derived Capital Pricing Model (economics)
MCPMMulti-Company Process Management (E2open)
MCPMMobTime Cell Phone Manager (software)
MCPMMACOM (Major Command) Career Program Manager (US Army)
MCPMModern Curriculum Press Mathematics
MCPMMulti-Criteria Performance Measurement
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Sandra Kischuk, BSBA, MSMIS, MCPM, is a writer, editor, life coach, Toastmaster, and master gardener.
Similar al indice MCpk, el indice MCpm se calcula como la media geometrica de las medidas de desempeno Cpm individuales.
In this cement system, the individual cement components, [beta]-tricalcium phosphate ([beta]-TCP) and monocalcium phosphate monohydrate (MCPM) are sufficiently stable when present in separate aqueous pastes.
Development of some calcium phosphate cements from combinations of a-TCP, MCPM and CaO.
The center, for which they hope to get board approval by next spring, will have exclusive licensing rights to Pacifica's new equity valuation metric, the Market Derived Capital Pricing Model (MCPM).
The fact that UH is the only university in the Asia-Pacific region authorized to use the MCPM metric, coupled with the research center and the Bloomberg terminal, opens new doors for the business college.
Nanoparticles of the more soluble calcium phosphate phases, such as monocalcium phosphate monohydrate (MCPM), DCPA, DCPD, OCP, ACP, have not been prepared by these methods.
Monocalcium phosphate occurs as the monohydrate (MCPM) and the anhydrous salt (MCPA).
by Jonn Desnoes, OMD, MD, PhD and Sandra Kischuk, MSMIS, MCPM