MCPONMaster Chief Petty Officer of the Navy
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Throughout the years, each MCPON has made significant contributions to our force, strengthened our mess with their experience and turned what was once merely an advisory position to the CNO into an integral part of our Navy's leadership structure.
Prior to the meal, the CNO and MCPON spoke to the crew during an all-hands call on the flight deck.
Daniel Olson, program manager for the Navy Cash program and afloat payment systems, briefed MCPON Stevens on NAVSUP's afloat solutions, now used aboard littoral combat ships and will be deployed next to Zumwalt class ships.
MCPON Stevens stated that he personally makes every effort to visit each convening class, and he also said that he would like to see future classes filled to their capacity.
MCPON also took a walking tour of the NAVSUP facilities, well as a tour of the base where NAVSUP is located-Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg.
Roughead and MCPON West met with the ship's leadership, toured several of the ship's spaces, ate dinner with crewmembers on the enlisted mess decks and spoke to the Lincoln's crew during an all-hands call in the hangar bay.
While on his visit, MCPON West met with a number of FISC Yokosuka's Sailors, including LSC Ulysses Lor from FISC Yokosuka's Atsug site, and LS1 LaShawna Calloway, from FISC Yokosuka's site in Korea.
Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy MCPON (SS/SW) Rick D.
MCPON recently completed a trip to NAVSUP headquarters to visit the NAVSUP team, and continue his education on where systems command transformation is taking our Navy.
A board precept is currently being drafted and will be vetted through those who normally provide input to board precepts, including MCPON.