MCPTMultiple Carriers per Transponder
MCPTMinistry of Communications, Posts and Telegraphs (Burma)
MCPTMuscle Carnitine Palmitoyltransferase
MCPTMiami County Public Transit (Ohio)
MCPTMedina County Public Transportation (Texas)
MCPTMaritime Campaign Planning Tool
MCPTMagneto-Capillary Particle Transfer
MCPTModular Command Post Tent (Army)
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Participants filled out the demographic survey and answered all 451 MCPT items.
age, income, counseling experience, academic experience, and MCPT score) and chi-square tests to compare the distribution of responses in these two groups for categorical measures (i.
Experts' median scores on the original 451-item MCPT measure were significantly higher than those of nonexperts (0.
Therefore, in Phase 2, we sought validation of the final 49 items as a measure of MCC by comparing training/educational and professional indicators of MCC with the MCPT scores of licensed mental health professionals.
They completed the demographic survey and answered 50 MCPT items.
We conducted an item analysis for the 50-item dichotomously scored MCPT.
Because there is no gold-standard measure of MCC against which to validate our scale, we validated the MCPT against activities that form the basis of an individual's professional reputation and that are commonly used measures of expertise in academic and clinical hiring and in promotion and tenure decisions.
The final 46 items demonstrated strong internal consistency reliability, and MCPT scores were positively correlated with real-world measures of multicultural expertise.
The weakest correlation was between MCPT scores and number of multicultural courses taken.
First, although correlations between MCPT scores and six of our seven real-world behaviors were positive and significant, the magnitudes of the associations were modest (between .
Second, our results do not speak to whether the MCPT can provide accurate information on within-subjects changes in MCC over time.
The MCPT can be used to assess the MCC of students in a more standardized manner than has been available previously; thus, the effectiveness of multicultural training can be evaluated.