MCPWMr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling (Michigan)
MCPWMicro Credit Project for Women
MCPWMinistry of Construction and Public Works (Maldives)
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For the MCPW coupler a short FORTRAN program was written that would compute capacitances under the voltage conditions given in Equations 1 and 2, compute inductances according to Equations 6 and 7, and automatically update a Touchstone circuit file for the design of the attenuator.
The ideal coupler in the equivalent circuit is replaced with an MCPW coupler, which is not electrically symmetrical.
For integration using an MCPW coupler, the attenuator is connected in series with a similar attenuator whose input and output ports are coplanar and microstrip, respectively, as shown in Figure 5.
In practice, the two MCPW couplers are placed at some distance from each other in order to make room for the PIN diodes on the microstrip side.