MCR1Mouse Complement Receptor 1
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(b) Representation of consensus binding sites for stress-activated transcription factors in the promoter regions of OM14, RDL1, MCR1, and HFD1.
It is known that melanogenesis is mediated, at least in part, by the binding of melanocyte stimulating hormone to the human melanocortin receptor 1 (MCR1) in normal human melanocytes while estradiol increases MCR1, mRNA levels and tyrosinase levels, although the mechanism of these responses has not been established.25,26,27
Partial gene sequences for the alpha-subunit of methy-coenzyme M reductase (MCR1) as a phylogenetic tool for the family Methanosarcinanceae.
Tenders are invited for raising of existing drains along mr1, mr2, mcr1, mcr2 and smaller plots roads at growth centre, ongole, prakasam district (3rd call).
This plasmid differed by only 4 mutations from mcr1.2-encoding plasmid pMCR-1.2.IT (GenBank accession no.
The mcr1 gene was 100% similar at the nucleotide level to that reported in China and was found to be located distal to the same insertion sequence element ISApl1 that mapped to the IncHI2 type plasmid pHNSHP45 (online Technical Appendix Figure, panel B) (7).