MCRDMarine Corps Recruit Depot
MCRDMaster Cross Reference Data (Defense Logistics Information Service product)
MCRDMontgomery County Recreation Department (Maryland)
MCRDMinistry of Construction and Regional Development (Slovakia)
MCRDMetabolic Clearance Rates of Dehydroepiandrosterone (endocrinology)
MCRDMinimum Channel Reuse Distance
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Two bioassay tests were conducted on October 9, 2014, at the Parris Island MCRD, SC, with parameters similar to those in Trial Set 7.
AM Batista trabalhou no desenvolvimento da pesquisa e na redacao do artigo e MCRD Carvalho, na orientacao e na correcao do artigo.
Routine surveillance for noninvasive GAS disease was initiated recently at MCRD to identify breakthrough GAS infections and prevent outbreaks of GAS disease.
Over 20 of his paintings are on display in the Museum of Marine Corps History, at MCRD, San Diego, where the annual Semper Fi tournament is held.
MCRD Parris Island, SC who graduated on August 27, 1968.
PLT 334 (Jan-Mar 1966) MCRD PISC: Hillard Crosswhite (256) 726-9204; hillam@knology.
Estimated total value of public procurement contract of guard, monitoring and intervention objectives MCRD is 497.
com PC 571 (crew members): Bobby Holm (805) 496-1311/(928) 763-8115 Pith 77, MCRD (San Diego, CA 1943): Wesley M.
com Pearl Harbor Marines (and vicinity, Dec 7,1941): Milly Hendrickson (909) 928-2208 Pltn 121, MCRD (Pards Island, SC, March-June 1953): W.