MCRPCMercer County Regional Planning Commission (Pennsylvania)
MCRPCMilwaukee County Research Park Corporation (Wauwatosa, WI)
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LaunchTrends: Xtandi is a series of three post-launch syndicated reports designed to track physician perception, uptake and the competitive environment of Xtandi in MCRPC.
According to all surveyed oncologists, more than half first-line symptomatic MCRPC patients receive docetaxel, nearly a third receive Zytiga in the second-line and nearly a quarter receive Jevtana in the third-line setting.
With respect to important attributes of therapies used to treat MCRPC, surveyed physicians (both urologists and oncologists) consider improving overall survival the most significant attribute when choosing an agent to treat MCRPC, nevertheless, pain palliation is also perceived to be a highly important attribute; conversely, attributes associated with drug sales representatives and patient preference are perceived to be less important.
Janssen recently filed for FDA approval for Zytiga in the asymptomatic/minimally symptomatic,chemotherapy-naove MCRPC setting; interviewed physicians are optimistic about Zytiga in this setting.
Furthermore, more than a third of surveyed physicians select enzalutamide (formerly MDV-3100) as one of the top three emerging therapies that will pose the biggest competitive threat to Zytiga in the treatment of MCRPC.