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MCRSMagnetic Canine Reward System (Belgium)
MCRSMinnesota Companion Rabbit Society
MCRSMinimum Conservation Reference Size (UK)
MCRSModular Common Rail System (Robert Bosch GmbH)
MCRSMorongo Casino Resort & Spa (Morongo Band of Mission Indians; Cabazon, CA)
MCRSMobility Capabilities and Requirements Study
MCRSManagement Control Reporting System
MCRSMennonite Coalition for Refugee Support (Kitchener, Waterloo, Canada)
MCRSMarine Corps Recruiting Station
MCRSMicro Computer Repair Services (Ann Arbor, MI)
MCRSMetropolitan Center for Regional Studies
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Postnatal MCRs were randomly selected from the abovementioned three facilities and reviewed for medicine exposures.
Summing up the MCRs and the CCB, a bank's CETI capital will be required to be at least 7 percent of its risk-weighted assets.
Through the MCRs protocol, two or more substrates directly transform into the product(s) by one-pot reaction [37].In spite of multi-step synthesis, the multi-component reactions require minimal manipulation and usually provide higher yields.
In our present study, we have investigated the one-pot multicomponent reactions (MCRs) to prepare aminopyridine derivatives 1-20 using different Lewis acid catalysts such as Zn[Cl.sub.2], Al[Cl.sub.3], and Fe[Cl.sub.3] using a molar ratio of 1: 2: 3 (aromatic aldehydes: malononitrile: primary amines) where the desired products were obtained in moderate yields.
The MCRS model is a game theoretic method used to solve cost or profit allocation problems [28].
Pain presentation was the within-subjects factor (repeated yeast infections, vulvovaginal pain without an identifiable cause), with specialization (OBGYN, FM) and age acting as covariates in the model, and MCRS scores as the dependent variable.
Effective implementation of strategy instruction will reduce the length of time invested but the application of MCRS as suggested here, or elsewhere, is not a quick fix.
This step is essential to shaping the focus of the forthcoming MCRS and to initiating modernization and development programs quickly--for example, if all agree filling the existing gap in delivering medium-weight, oversize loads to austere airfields is a pressing need, incrementing a fleet of A400Ms for operations over the next 30 years can begin shortly after the MCRS.
Using the scoring guidelines for the MCRS, scores range from 10 to 60, with higher scores indicating higher regard for the condition.
Command workstations are located in different MCRs. In addition, there are devices like the Lookup Server and Media Indexer, which support the content to be integrated.
The melanocortin system in Fugu: determination of POMC/AGRP/MCR gene repertoire and synteny, as well as pharmacology and anatomical distribution of the MCRs. Mol Biol Evol 2004 Mar;21(3):563-579.
We compare the proposed system with the new recommendation techniques for the multicriteria rating system proposed (MCRS) in [33], traditional collaborative filtering (TCF) of [7], and single criteria collaborative filtering using K-means clustering (SCCFK-means) of [34].