MCRTMonte Carlo Radiative Transfer
MCRTMean Cell Residence Time
MCRTMajor Case Response Team
MCRTMass Central Rail Trail (Florence, MA)
MCRTMicro Carbon Residue Tester
MCRTMean Cell Retention Time (wastewater treatment)
MCRTMichigan Classical Repertory Theatre (Ann Arbor, MI)
MCRTMarine Corps Recruit Training
MCRTMotor Carriers Road Tax (Pennsylvania)
MCRTMicro Clean Room Technology (GmbH)
MCRTManagement Control Reporting Tool
MCRTMulti-Channel Radio Terminal
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Team composition and training is critical to how well the 'missing child response teams' (MCRTs) are able to respond to reports of missing or abused children.
There are two methods to discrete the mirror surface and sun cone, a random MCRT method [4, 12] and a grid discrete method [26].
Using the MCRT method can also obtain the reflective heat loss and the radiative heat loss.
Government of Punjab has provided only Rs 119 million to Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) in respect of MCRT project worth Rs 429 million.
There were no significant differences in MCRT throughout the whole experiment (C - 324 [+ or -] 10 msec; M - 327 [+ or -] 10 msec; E - 324 [+ or -] 8 msec).
Siendo mcrt la brecha de los costos marginales reales, xt la brecha del producto del pais domestico, x* la brecha del producto del Estados Unidos, [DELTA][A.sub.t] es el cambio en la productividad total de factores y s*t la brecha de los terminos de intercambio.
"We are proud to have Mohammed Arkobi as the new general manager of MCRT. His experience and passion for the hospitality business made him the perfect choice for the post," said Cahill.
Mean cell residence time (MCRT) is a measure of how long an average bacterium remains within a treatment system.
The study identifies the most significant process variables affecting settleability control in three distinct plant categories--short-mean cell residence time (MCRT) with anoxic or anaerobic selectors, short-MCRT with aerobic selectors, and long-MCRT--and provides recommended design and operating ranges based on single variable regression analysis of a large database of full-scale plant data.
One of the department's research teams, established in 1997, sent an open invitation to all master's- and doctoral-level students in the department to participate on the department's multicultural research team (MCRT), which is led by two faculty members.
Himmelstein and Company has introduced its MCRT 39000X series two-wire, 4 to 20 mA torque transmitters.
The MCRT shaft hp/kW-h meters have full-scale ranges from 5 to 76,000 hp and can accumulate virtually unlimited net energy.