MCRTWMcGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women (Canada)
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The MCRTW functioned as both a physical gathering place on campus and as an innovative intellectual centre.
Even the MCRTW was not guaranteed to survive as an organizational habitat for feminists within the university.
Some departments may become so supportive of change that feminists within them no longer feel a need to support organizational habitats such as the MCRTW elsewhere in the university or departments and other bureaucratic offices and academic expectations may absorb the energies of feminists and prevent them from remaining active in the internal and external movement (cf.
There was some interest in doing this, particularly among graduate students interested in sexuality as well as gender, but there was also a strong protest among long-time Centre supporters who wanted to keep "women" in the name, whether the MCRTW became an "institute" or not.
Nevertheless, university administrators insisted upon the change, and it was necessary for the MCRTW to adapt in order to survive.
In the case of the MCRTW, newsletters and annual reports were coded for information on feminist activities and changes.