MCSAAMaryland Control Share Acquisition Act
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The events office of Liverpool City Council have taken over running the event from MCSAA.
MCSAA Secretary Julian Hopkins said: ``The championships provided some of the best performances we have had for a number of years.
Additionally, the court upheld NRL's interpretation of the scope of any exemption for the Lola Trust under the Maryland Control Share Acquisition Act (the "MCSAA"), ruling that although the Trust could vote the NRL shares it held at the time NRL opted into the MCSAA, the Trust may only vote any shares that it acquired after NRL's opt-in on September 23, 2004, or that it acquires hereafter, with the approval of two-thirds of NRL's disinterested stockholders, as that statute provides.
We have high hopes of doing well, although we have lost two of our brightest hopes, Rachel Thompson (Range HS) and Vicky Griffiths (St Hilda's), to the World Junior Championships 4 x 400 metres relay squad,'' said MCSAA secretary Julian Hopkins.