MCSAPMotor Carrier Safety Assistance Program
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Posteriormente, a partir de la informacion economica de los poblados rurales organizada en matrices se realiza un proceso de agregacion y homologacion de las cuentas de las 10 MCSAP para obtener la matriz de contabilidad social agregada (MCSA).
(14) En la elaboracion de matrices de contabilidad social aplicadas a pueblos (MCSAP) se deben tener en cuenta algunas consideraciones y adoptar algunos criterios: en el levantamiento de la informacion, en el calculo del ingreso y el gasto de los hogares, en los registros de las cuentas, en el balanceo de la matriz, entre otros.
MCSAP is designed to improve safety by employing a performance-based approach; however, FMCSA's oversight for these grants is inadequate.
MCSAP is a federal grant program administered by the state transportation and law enforcement agencies in coordination with the Office of Motor Carrier and Highway Safety (formerly the Office of Motor Carriers).
Motor carrier safety experts from federal and state agencies and the trucking industry identify the best practices of a specific part of the MCSAP program and share those practices with other interested parties.
The MCSAP is a specialized joint internship run by the NSA.
The first tour of the program is facilitated by the MCSAP executive agent with the following two determined by the participants.
MCSAP grant funds are essential to maintaining the states commercial motor vehicle (CMV) enforcement programs around the country, with grant funds providing critical support for state-conducted compliance investigations, roadside inspections, new entrant audits, and traffic enforcement activities.
OMCHS supports the use of SafeStat results to identify and prioritize motor carriers for on-site compliance reviews and to use crash profiles to construct state commercial vehicle safety plans under MCSAP.
Since the skill set will still remain and still be valuable, we expect that MCSAP will continue and be available to 98Y soldiers.
PR: Why is it important to increase MCSAP funding, and how much does the 30-percent increase in TEA-21 bring the program to?
The overall MCSAP Safety Grant Program has three parts: (1) basic grants to emphasize uniform roadside driver and vehicle safety inspections, traffic enforcement, compliance reviews, and current complementary activities; (2) performance incentives to encourage states to plan, identify problems, and implement accident countermeasures that address problems that are particular to their own jurisdictions; and (3) a special set-aside of up to 12 percent for national priorities and border enforcement.