MCSKMusic Copyright Society of Kenya
MCSKMiniature Crime Scene Killer (CSI fan slang)
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Currently, we have collecting societies for music authors (MCSK), producers (KAMP) and performers (PRISK).
The President said that the current occurrence where the MCSK paid artistes Sh.
(27.) In Kenya there has been an on-going conflict between the Kenya Copyright Board (the body entrusted with the supervision of collecting societies) and the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK), which resulted in the former deregistering the latter, and the latter obtaining a court order to nullify the deregistration.
Consequently, while the Kenyan radio and television industry earns more than $170 million a year, apart from a small payment from the Kamene FM radio station, "not a cent has trickled down to MCSK," says Shamalla.
"It's PPP distribution [Performance in Public Places] these are collections from public places for only two months," MCSK said.
MCSK also have a new board that will ensure it adheres to good corporate governance,' MCSK chairman Japheth Kassanga said.
The Kenya Copyright Board's (Kecobo) executive director, Edward Sigei, said the board had agreed to issue MCSK a license after it was taken away two years ago, over "transparency" issues.
And the website of MCSK? It looks colourful and serious, but we can't find the numbers there either.
"We have information that former MCSK directors have been arranging meetings with a few of musicians to set the agenda for the meeting.
In 1992 SOYA Awards (Singer of the year), 1994 - Head of State Commendation, 2009- Music Maestro of the Year by the African Culture Heritage, 2012 - MCSK Gala Awards (Living Legends and Most Consistent Artist).
Kamaru was a founder member of Music Copyright Society of Kenya together with the likes of Juma Toto and Daudi Kabaka.But while their music royalties were supposed to be collected by MCSK, which they had assigned the rights, other bodies have been registered.
Adding, "On my side, there are issues that I can only call petty rumours, where a section of the board, whose time is up, think that I am siding with particular members of MCSK [to oust them in an election].