MCSRMen Can Stop Rape
MCSRMississippi Center for Supercomputing Research
MCSRMidnight Club Street Racing (game)
MCSRMotor Carrier Safety Regulations
MCSRMateriel Condition Status Report
MCSRDivision of Medical Countermeasures Strategy and Requirements (US HHS)
MCSRMedcomSoft Record (medical software suite)
MCSRMinimum Commercial Security Requirements
MCSRMaterial Cost & Status Report
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Action research projects that are bounded by MCSR act as critical filters through which students become better acquainted with unfamiliar positionalities and juxtapose them with their own (Martin & Van Gunten, 2002).
Reflective self-analysis in the form of action research causes students to consider how they might alter the institutionalized inequities that they find, thus fulfilling a goal of an MCSR approach.
The MCSR helps higher headquarters distribute limited wartime funding to those units that show use and need.
The ULLS Usage Report and the MCSR affect your future maintenance budgets and the current distribution of resources.
MCSR education has taken seriously questions regarding how the production of knowledge must be extended to create pedagogical strategies that are inclusive of the voices and histories of historically marginalized groups in American society (Giroux, 1988; McLaren, 1994; Sleeter & Grant, 1994).
The assignments are the products of our individual and collective creative efforts to offer interesting and meaningful opportunities for students to use their communities as laboratories or investigate social issues, which is a tenet of the MCSR approach.
A Special HPC Subsession of the Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Division, sponsored by the MCSR, will also be held to serve as a forum on supercomputing in which faculty and graduate student researchers will have the opportunity to describe their research projects that involve HPC, Internet2, Grid Computing, Visualization, Network Security, Computer Systems Administration, and the use of MCSR resources.
Thorough analysis of the benchmark results has been an exceptional guide in helping the MCSR address and reconfigure cluster bottlenecks, thereby optimizing overall system performance.
Preliminary computational experience on the MCSR supercomputers will be presented.
Faculty and graduate student researchers will describe their research projects that involve HPC and the use of MCSR resources.