MCSTMinistry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Vietnam)
MCSTMalta Council for Science and Technology (national advisory body)
MCSTMinistry of Communication, Science and Technology (various locations)
MCSTMinimum Cost Spanning Tree
MCSTMagnetic Card Selectric Typewriter
MCSTMissionary Catechists of St. Therese of the Child Jesus (Philippines) (religious order)
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The MCST 3601 series can actuate stepper motors in micro stepping mode in which up to 256 micro steps can be programmed per full step.
MCST stimulates ABCS warfighter mission area (WMA) systems with situation awareness data and tactical messages that add realism to staff training drills
3 million in funding from MCST and the Skolkovo Foundation, a non-profit organization tasked by the Russian government to manage grant funds for technology projects.
the Modified Card Sorting Test or MCST; Nelson, 1976) have been extensively used with older populations; the full WCST version was adopted here because it is more sensitive in detecting normal age-related decline in executive functioning than the MCST (see Bryan & Luszcz, 2000a).
Barrett recently began construction of its third building at Greenville Yards: a 65,000 SF warehouse and office facility for a subsidiary of Preferred -- MCST Preferred Transportation.
IBM invented the phrase, in connection with the MCST, the magnetic card selectric typewriter.
The GAB, which falls under the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, will make the sum of 600,000 available to the MCST for the establishment of a fund to support the launching, management and supervision of the scheme for the provision of proposals.
TRADOC Capability Manager Mission Command (TCM MC) is responsible for MCST requirements generation and oversight.
As the exercise continues, MCST continues to inject MSEL events causing the BCT staff to react in a coordinated fashion and execute battle drills.
Carnieli Jr P, Castilho JG, Fahl WO, Veras NM, Timenetsky MCST.
Before beginning the second round, MCST optimizes the generated tour by applying the 2-Opt optimization technique.