MCSUIMulti-City Study of Urban Inequality
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We evaluated each of these propositions using data on black, Latino, and white workers, separately for women and men, drawn from the MCSUI.
The MCSUI interviewers rated the English speaking ability above good or better for 12 of the 13 high-achieving respondents who lived abroad at 16 years of age; six of these individuals had "excellent" English speaking ability.
The 3,510 observations in the data are from the MCSUI, a cross-sectional telephone survey of employers in Los Angeles, Boston, Detroit, and Atlanta conducted in 1992-95.
Slightly more than one-third of the cases were drawn from the current or most recent employer reported by respondents in the companion MCSUI household survey.
This implication would appear to be untestable, because the MCSUI data contain only starting wages, not offered wages.
Although this correlation matrix answers the simple question of which methods tend to be bundled together in the cross-section, the MCSUI sample represents a highly diverse group of employers and jobs.
In the MCSUI data the unconditional means of vacancy duration for the most recent hire (measured in weeks) are displayed in Table 5, by the recruitment method that generated the most recently hired worker.
I exploit a large, cross-sectional establishment-level data set, the MCSUI, with rich information about the recruiting behavior of employers, to partially bridge this gap in our knowledge.