MCTGAMountain Conservation Trust of Georgia (Jasper, GA)
MCTGAManitoba Christmas Tree Growers Association (Canada)
MCTGAMinnesota Christmas Tree Growers Association
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Preamplification primers EcoRI ACTGCGTACCAATTC MseI GATGAGTCCTGAGTAA Selective amplification primers EcoRI ([dagger]) eTCG, eACT, eGCTG, eCTCG, eAAG eAGT, eAAC MseI ([dagger]) mCAT, mCTC, mAGC, mACGC, mCTGA, mCAGT, mCTT, mCGAC, mCTG, mTGC, ([dagger]) `e' and `m' represent the preamplification primers of EcoRI and MseI, respectively.
Just before Thanksgiving, the Minnesota Christmas Tree Growers Association (MCTGA), Stacy, Minnesota, counts on WLTE-FM radio, Minneapolis, to mail newsletters to 10,000 listeners.
The program, now in its third year, is a joint venture of MCTGA, WLTE-FM, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, and Snyder Drug Stores.