MCTLMilitary Critical Technologies List
MCTLMicrotel International
MCTLMarine Corps Task List
MCTLMulti-Conductor Transmission Line
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During this era, besides the Tamil education, parallel development of mass media joined force in giving impetus for the TL and MCTL growth.
In support to heighten the MCTL quality, Tamil Nesan and Tamil Malar (1d) newspapers ventured in a new platform.
For this purpose, the Secretary of Defense maintains the Military Critical Technology List (MCTL).
The Militarily Critical Technologies Program's process for updating the MCTL and DSTL has generated lists that are of questionable value.
"In none of the technologies essential for the manufacture of advanced military equipment does China rank higher than' some' production capabilities" (11) (a rating of two on the MCTL scale).
MCTL: An extension of CTL for modular verification of concurrent systems.
Another list that should be mentioned is the Militarily Critical Technologies List (MCTL).
This analysis concentrates on military production of key capabilities listed in the Military Critical Technologies List Part 1: Weapons Systems Technologies (MCTL), which was released by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisitions and Technology) in 1996.