MCTMMinnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Wayzata, MN)
MCTMMonte Carlo Travel Market (Monaco)
MCTMMontana Council of Teachers of Mathematics
MCTMMissouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics
MCTMmaximum certificated take-off mass (aviation)
MCTMMetrizamide Computed Tomographic Myelogram
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Compared to the CTM, the modified cell transmission model (MCTM) proposed by Munoz et al.
The MCTM Elementary Math Contest has grown significantly over its seventeen-year history and now supports more than three thousand participants each year from about four hundred public and private elementary and middle schools in Missouri.
We hope that this study will not only make it possible to identify and correct any gender biases that the MCTM Elementary Math Contest contains but also support all students in developing confidence in their mathematical competence and increasing their love of mathematics.
Based on years of common effort to develop a cadre of teacher leaders, the mathematics director of the state Department of Education, colleges and universities, schools, and the MCTM work together to foster active learning and mathematics teacher development across the state.
To remedy these drawbacks in the BEM and MFS, several numerical schemes have been proposed, such as the boundary collocation method (BCM) [9], the modified collocation Trefftz method (MCTM) [10-12], the regularized meshless method (RMM) [13-16], the modified method of fundamental solutions (MMFS) [17], the boundary distributed source (BDS) method [18-20], and the nonsingular method of fundamental solutions [21].
Liu, "A highly accurate MCTM for inverse Cauchy problems of Laplace equation in arbitrary plane domains," Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences, vol.
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