MCTTMarlborough Civic Theatre Trust (New Zealand)
MCTTMouth to Caecum Transit Time (pediatrics)
MCTTMalicious Counter Terrorist Team (gaming clan)
MCTTMaryland Community Colleges Teleconsortium
MCTTMonitor, Control, Test and Tune
MCTTMean Colonic Transit Time (intestines)
MCTTMean Cerebral Transit Time (brain functioning)
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The aim of our study was to evaluate the reliability of rhinomanometry, acoustic rhinometry, and the measurement of mucociliary transport time (MCTt) in helping make the diagnosis of nasal pathologies.
All patients underwent an evaluation of nasal function by active anterior rhino-manometry, acoustic rhinometry, and measurement of the MCTt.
MCTt was measured with an inert, colored tracer (charcoal powder) mixed with 3% saccharine.
The variables we considered were age, sex, total inspiratory and expiratory nasal resistance, right and left nasal cavity volume, MCTt, and symptom score.
However, in five patients (three with important septal deviation and two with nonallergic rhinitis), there was a positive correlation between delayed or blocked MCTt and high symptom scores.