MCUCMedina County University Center (University of Akron; Medina, OH)
MCUCMichigan Construction Users Council
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Social media channels such as Facebook aim to help MCUC promote Michigan's credit unions and how they're helping small businesses, Beardsley said.
During the implementation of its business financial services strategy, MBC introduced the MCUC initiative.
The business services officers are now focused primarily on the larger member business relationships and lending opportunities while the branch managers work directly with the MCUC team to provide loan services and serve as the primary relationship manager for small member business relationships, typically those with borrowing needs of $100,000 or less.
Hensley said once Lake Trust implements the strategy later this spring, the MCUC team will work closely with the branch managers during the loan origination and closing processes to ensure what he describes as a superior member experience as well as provide underwriting, servicing and portfolio management support.
At the same time, the MCUC brand will be regularly promoted within the finance community and will enable a participating credit union access to the CUSO's website to highlight their own credit union business lending successes.
MCUC recently sent out 300 postcards to the CEOs of Michigan credit unions getting the word out about the collaborative effort.
The premise behind MCUC is the more participants, the less the shared costs.