MCULMichigan Credit Union League
MCULMaine Credit Union League
MCULMultiple Cutaneous and Uterine Leiomyomata
MCULMetro Columbus Urban League
MCULSediment Minimum Cleanup Level (WA state)
MCULMissile Compartment Upper Level (compartment of a US Navy nuclear submarine)
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In a study of 108 patients with MCUL, the mean number of skin leiomyomas was 25.
Researchers who have studied the MCUL's genetic profile have found that highly penetrant mutations in an enzyme on chromosome 1 cause the condition, an autosomal dominant disease.
Certain truncating mutations, especially frameshift mutations, appear to be linked to development of renal cancer, which was far more common in females than in males in the MCUL study.
Doorways to Dreams and MCUL continue to collaborate on Save to Win, which is currently offered at 57 credit unions including in Michigan, Washington, Nebraska and North Carolina, Ross said.
It was formed out of the combination of CU Village and HRN Management Group, and is owned by hundreds of investors made up of leagues, credit unions and CU SOs, according to the MCUL.
"We could run our operation without dues, but we decided not to go that route because we realized on the business side there are vulnerabilities if we were to lose major sources of revenue" said Dave Adams, president/CEO of MCUL. "We prefer to do the 50% rebate on dues every year based on the performance of the organization."
The Rhode Island Credit Union League was serving 55 credit unions in 1992 when it also signed a management agreement with MCUL.
"There is still much uncertainty about what the bankruptcy filing will mean for the city of Detroit, and that includes those credit unions that serve city employees," said Dave Adams, CEO of MCUL & Affiliates.
In addition to being owned by the MCUL, CUSG's other owners include 125 investors made up of 20 leagues, more than 100 credit unions and CUSOs, CUNA Mutual Group, CUNA Strategic Services and CO-OP Financial Services.
CUcorp operated like a traditional league-owned service corporation with seven directors elected by the MCUL board, he explained.
In Maine, the Maine Credit Union League in Westbook and its subsidiary, Synergent, took precaution to monitor the operations of a service center, which houses MCUL's data process and IT systems for credit unions through the sate.
MCUL President/CEO David Adams said a number of factors have helped boost membership, including banks ramping scrutiny of banks, increased bank fees and the financial crisis that toppled the country's economy.