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MCVMean Corpuscular Volume
MCVMobile Car Valeting (UK and Ireland)
MCVMedical College of Virginia
MCVModel Controller View (programming)
MCVMutated Citrullinated Vimentin (immunology)
MCVMaladies Cardio Vasculaires (French: Cardiovascular Disease)
MCVMean Cell Volume
MCVMedium Commercial Vehicle
MCVMulti Convivial Vehicle
MCVModeling Clipping Volume
MCVMissing Control Variable
MCVMeasles-Containing Vaccine
MCVMid-Cap Value (finance)
MCVMountainbike Club Vejle (Danish biking club)
MCVMeningococcal Conjugate Vaccine
MCVModel View Controller
MCVMulti Convivial Vehicle (Dacia car)
MCVMidland Cogeneration Venture (Midland, Michigan)
MCVMobile Construction Vehicle
MCVMesoscale Convective Vortex
MCVMainzer Carneval Verein (German: Mainz Carnival Club)
MCVmaritime crew visa
MCVMiddlesex County Volunteers Fifes and Drums (est. 1982; Massachusetts)
MCVMcConnell Valdes (legal partnership in Puerto Rico)
MCVMobile Coordinating Vehicle (US FEMA)
MCVMerck Capital Ventures, LLC (investment)
MCVMain Control Valve
MCVMultipoint Command Visualization
MCVMilitary College of Vermont
MCVMotorized Control Valve
MCVMoto-Club Villeneuvois (French motorcycle club)
MCVMulluscum Contagiosum Virus
MCVMission Critical Variant (test and evaluation)
MCVMeningitis Conjugated Vaccine
MCVMunitions Clearance Vehicle
MCVMaritiome Commission, Victory Ship (US Navy)
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A number of studies have revealed that derived red cell indices including Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW) can be very helpful in differentiation of anisocytosis caused by IDA or ssTT and a recently added Red Cell Distribution Width Index (RDWI) provide valuable help to the attending physician.7,9,10 RDWI is more advantageous as all the discriminating factors including RBC count, MCV and RDW are incorporated in its formula.11
At the front, the new Logan MCV Stepway sports a two-tone bumper as well as a satin-effect chrome skid plate, plus the fitment of fog lights.
The SI regions of RBC, MCV, and MCH QTLs in SSCI3, which had been detected in the previous study, were observed to range from 95 to 106 cM, based on the 1.5-LOD drop method (Cho et al., 20II).
As predicted by the effect of [M.sub.RBC] on Hb [A.sub.1c] and the relationship between cell age and MCV/MCH, there was a substantial negative correlation in Hb [A.sub.1c] from 6.09-6.79 (expressed as %) across deciles of MCH [see Table 2 in ref (12)] and MCV (not shown), despite alack of corresponding variation in mean fasting plasma glucose across MCH deciles (examined without adjustment) and no variation in Hb [A.sub.1c] by hemoglobin concentration decile [see Table 4 in ref (12); when adjusted for sex, age, serum creatinine, and liver disease].
However, mean values of MCV, MCH and MCHC were significantly (P0.05) different mean values of RBCs, WBCs, Hb, Platelets, PCV, MCV and MCH as compared to their female counterparts.
In the present study, when ascorbic acid group was compared with lead-intoxicated group, RBC count increased after supplementation with ascorbic acid while the MCV remains unaffected.
I believe the laws of the public sector need to be revised, and MCV is ready to provide any consultation in regard to structuring a public transport system in Egypt.
The new Luwa MultiCell Filter MCV opens up many opportunities to reduce the required floor space of air conditioning and filtration plants in textile mills and offers the following advantages:
Instrument printouts were collected for patient samples failing the MCV delta check, defined as a change of 3.0 fL or more compared with the most recent test within the preceding 3 days.
The MCV of post-tibial nerves and SCV of sural nerves in the diabetic patients were slower than those of the normal control participants (Table 1).
A statistically significant decrease was observed for hematocrit (Ht) and mean MCV, whereas mean corpuscular hemoglobin, mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, and platelet count were increased.
DRYDOCKS World, a leading provider of maritime and offshore services to the shipping, oil, gas and energy sectors, announced the completion and delivery of Eagle Louisiana, the second of two Modular Capture Vessels (MCV).