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MCVMean Corpuscular Volume
MCVMedical College of Virginia
MCVMean Cell Volume
MCVMeasles-Containing Vaccine
MCVMeningococcal Conjugate Vaccine
MCVModel View Controller
MCVMulti Convivial Vehicle (Dacia car)
MCVMidland Cogeneration Venture (Midland, Michigan)
MCVMobile Construction Vehicle
MCVMesoscale Convective Vortex
MCVMainzer Carneval Verein (German: Mainz Carnival Club)
MCVmaritime crew visa
MCVMcConnell Valdes (legal partnership in Puerto Rico)
MCVMain Control Valve
MCVMultipoint Command Visualization
MCVMilitary College of Vermont
MCVMotorized Control Valve
MCVMission Critical Variant (test and evaluation)
MCVMulluscum Contagiosum Virus
MCVMoto-Club Villeneuvois (French motorcycle club)
MCVMunitions Clearance Vehicle
MCVMeningitis Conjugated Vaccine
MCVMid-Cap Value (finance)
MCVMaladies Cardio Vasculaires (French: Cardiovascular Disease)
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There should be exclusive parking spaces for MCV in public parking lots.
This laid-back character is reflected in the Logan MCV Stepway's supple suspension, which deals well with the vagaries of UK roads.
Our study thus concludes that an inverse correlation exists between MCV values and [HbA.
There is no correlation between serum vitamin B12 level and MCV in the majority of cases.
At the front, the new Logan MCV Stepway sports a two-tone bumper as well as a satin-effect chrome skid plate, plus the fitment of fog lights.
The SI regions of RBC, MCV, and MCH QTLs in SSCI3, which had been detected in the previous study, were observed to range from 95 to 106 cM, based on the 1.
The current exchange rate of the Egyptian pound against the US dollar pushes MCV to compete in the exports industry.
The technology of MultiCell Filter MCV is patented and with its modular and space saving concept is suitable for machine exhaust air cleaning of Blowroom and Carding machines as well as in air conditioning plants for the dust and fly filtration of the room return air.
The action suggested for a failure of the MCV delta was to "verify sample integrity/identity.
A LIVERPOOL computer games and app designer has been named as one of the top 100 women in the sector by MCV, an industry news website.
DACIA has become a force to be reckoned with at the bargain basement end of the UK car market with models that don't cost a lot to buy or run - and the Logan MCV does nothing to blot that copybook.