MCVDModified Chemical Vapor Deposition
MCVDMicrowave Chemical Vapor Deposition
MCVDMixed Collagen Vascular Disease
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The key to CSTI's success lies in the MCVD process tool rival those of any competitor in today's market.
Our MCVD process tool challenges the leaders of the world with advantages that only a company like CSTI with its expertise, emerging industry leadership, background and commitment could spearhead.
5 metre drawing tower, MCVD (Modified Chemical Vapour Deposition) equipment for the manufacture of specialty fiber Preforms, and other associated specialist equipment such as a Preform profiler that measures the refractive index of the Preform glass rod and its core prior to drawing.
In common with standard optical transmission fiber made by the MCVD process, SPI's specialty fiber starts life as a hollow cylindrical tube of silica glass about one metre in length.
Company Also Announces Installation of MCVD Equipment, And
The company expects additional MCVD and drawing equipment to become fully operational during the second half of 2001.
We purchased additional fiber optic drawing towers and placed orders for state-of-the-art MCVD lathes.
The MCVD systems are exclusively designed for the production of fiber optic preforms that are comprised of advanced glasses and specific dopants, allowing for the fabrication of specialty optical fiber that has intrinsic photonic functions.
MacChesney won the engineering profession's highest honor, the National Academy of Engineering's Charles Stark Draper Prize, this year for his invention and development of MCVD.
Precision 5000 MCVD systems for blanket tungsten deposition, including the WxZ chamber technology.