MCVRMotor City Vaudeville Revue (Michigan)
MCVRMiami Center for Vision Research (University of Miami; Florida)
MCVRMinimum Coronary Vascular Resistance
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The MCVR, essentially a DC-DC converter, can increase or decrease the output by 1V in less than 20 nanoseconds.
Contract awarded for supply, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of multi-channel voice recording (mcvr) system at psa building and single channel voice recorder at tanjong pagar complex (a compulsory site show-round will be held on 1 oct 2013, 10am at psa building #20-00.
Reticulocyte measurements included percentage of reticulocytes (% retie), mean Hb concentration of reticulocytes (CHCMr), and mean cell volume (MCVr).