MCVTMulti Channel Video Transmission
MCVTMilner Continuous Variable Transmission
MCVTMulti Channel Voice Terminal
MCVTMuscular Calf Vein Thrombosis
MCVTMachine-Code Validation Tool
MCVTMonterey County Virtual Tours
MCVTModification Change Verification Test
MCVTModified Constant-Voltage Transformer (electrical engineering)
MCVTMotorcycle Club Volkenborn-Tower and Friends (Düsseldorf, Germany)
MCVTMicro Culture Virus Titration (microbiology)
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Compared with mechanical power split devices (such as those used in the Toyota Prius), simulations run by Magnomatics engineers show the mCVT would provide somewhere between a 3% and 5% fuel economy improvement.
The mCVT is two rings of permanent magnets with a ring of steel pole pieces in between.
Each year, MCVTS compiles a comprehensive annual report of statistics about accidents and incidents that is used to identify trends and put in place prevention measures to reduce risk.