MCWBMoisture Content Wet Basis (biomass)
MCWBMesick, Cohen, Wilson, Baker Architects, LLP (Albany, NY)
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4% (35 hours per year) MCWB temperature is low enough (less than 60[degrees]F) to provide a decent level of comfort, provided that the evaporative cooler is reasonably well maintained (a big if in the real world) and not fouled by lime scale deposits on the evaporative media.
HVAC System Design Conditions Sensible Outdoor Design Conditions Dry-Bulb Temperature ([degrees]F) 92 MCWB Temperature ([degrees]F) 74 Humidity Ratio (grains) 97 Specific Volume ([ft.
Bin Weather Data OADB MCWB ECWT Bin ([degrees]F) ([degrees]F) ([degrees]F) Hours 117.